It’s (a)LIVE! It’s (a)LIIIIIVE!!

Pardon the exclamation marks. And extra letters.

Last night, on a whim, I scooted over to the iBookstore. It’s become a regular habit, like checking email or Twitter feeds, something done quickly and with no forethought, like a cleaning routine. I was half way through shutting down the application when my brain finally registered that there were new images. I quickly reloaded and then started squealing.

(Of course, this was after I had bemoaned the iBookstore’s dearth of books and then dropped a load of cash at the local Chapters during their buy three, get the forth free sale. *sigh*)

So I spent a good hour poking around the iBookstore. I didn’t end up buying anything but I grabbed about six samples, some fiction, some non-fiction. A lot of the books I looked for by name, either title or author, simply weren’t there. Yet, I’m sure. It looks like it’s only a few publishers, Harper Collins and Penguin, if I’m remembering right.

It is very slow navigating the iBookstore. And there isn’t yet a way to drill down through the sub genres. Fantasy and Science Fiction has over 800 titles (and, I want to remind, missing many, many authors and books still) and the only way to do it is to go through page at a time of about twelve books. There was also a significant portion of the books that were Star Trek books, or to a lesser extent, other media tie-in merchandise. (I’m not judging here, but it makes it more work for me. We’re talking page after page of the stuff.) I want a way to be able to remove them or have a better way to narrow down the categories. I have seen other subheadings like “epic” but no way to choose it specifically from the category section. Hopefully this is coming, too.

I do like the Author Pages, quite handy, and as I was thinking about some sort of authorial book-marking system, I discovered the Alert feature, which I’m guessing will send me an email when they get a new book by that author. Cool.

So, a great start, but still work to be done.

PS: They need to split the Children & Teen section into proper Middle Grade and YA categories. There is a lot of YA that appeal to adult readers, and its buried in their Children and Teen section.

PPS: YAY, it’s finally LIVE! Thank you Apple. 🙂

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