Playing Favorites

Like I said, I brought a bunch more paperbacks to the used bookstore today. I’d brought back a lot already, but now I’m dipping into my read pile/like pile. These were books I’d read, some of them recently, some of them years ago, and have been lugged from house to apartment to apartment to house to apartment again. Enough. I’ve still got books I’m going to keep, trade paperbacks and my absolute favorite paperbacks, ones I feel can use to learn from. But the rest? Come on, I’m not going to reread them.

(Hell, I don’t understand regular rereaders to begin with! Except for a precious few books where I might conceivably reread them to learn from them, there are just too many damn books out there to go back to one I have already read. Madness!)

So here I was, lugging all these books back, feeling good and productive and happy that I was freeing up all that space … and then I came home with another seven books.

But they are trade paperbacks, I fervently tell myself! They don’t count! Plus, they are all in genres I don’t normally read, so A) I am expanding my horizons without B) spending any money. RIGHT???

However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’ve finished “Palimpsest” by Cathrynne Valente, purchased for the Kindle. Now I’m switching back to Indigo app, Kobo, for “The Virtu” by Sarah Monette and I think I’ve finally picked a favorite between the two.

The Kindle app is just ahead. I love the Kobo aesthetic, but I need more than pretty. I like that I have paragraph indents in the Kindle books. I love the note-taking features, the highlighting but being able to see what other people have highlighted is terrifically cool. Also, the percentage complete. I haven’t found a useful way of tracking how far I am in a Kobo book. I get a page number for the length of the current chapter. Perhaps there is a setting somewhere that I am missing?

(You know what would be extra awesome, but neither has? A plugin for GoodReads. But I digress. Hence parentheses.)

Of course, this is an either/or decision when it should be a three horse race. The third horse, the coy, dAppled mare, is still pawing the ground with her hooves and flicking her tail about. It’s been over a month since the iPad has been available in Canada and the iBookstore is still barren of all but copyright free works. I read somewhere on the interwebs that they’ve hired a special liaison for the Canadian iBookstore. Hopefully that means progress soon. If not, we may need to start an old fashioned pool and place bets. I’m picking September 15th. Oh, that would be 2010. Yeah, I know. Maybe overly ambitious. Any other takers?

In the meantime, back to “The Virtu”, though I also splurged on Lawrence Block’s “Telling Lies For Fun and Profit” for the Kindle. Gonna need to make a LOT of notes on that one.

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