Fan Fiction

Like many young writers, some of my first stories were set in my fav fictional universes. Anime, comics, role-playing games, television. I scribbled these snippets into the margins of school notebooks and didn’t think too much of it. I was a little too old and not in the right corners of the internet to find fan fiction communities. When I heard about them, I was snobby about it, internalizing a whole bunch of kinda toxic and misogynist thinking. Fan fiction, young me thought very smugly, was a waste of my time.

Reader, it was not. Is not. I came around. (Eventually.)

  • Sherlock Squared — a 30,000 word cross-genre fanfic featuring Doctor Who, BBC Sherlock, and RDJ Sherlock. (I love this thing. Don’t judge me.)
  • Finding Mesarthim — a 5,300 word fanfic of Dictionary of the Khazars that was the best homework assignment ever.