The Pandora

My first novella! You can read it over on GigaNotoSaurus here. It’s a historical horror, and the story I applied to and workshopped at Taos Toolbox.

Here’s a snippet!

The cottage was thick-aired and warm despite the small windows and afternoon shade, making it feel small. My nose tickled from the thatch roof, and what smelled like mould. Abandoned furniture heavy with the echoes of families I could not imagine stood at the ready to be used again, but were sparse and hard-edged where they lurked in the shadows. So bare compared to the gloss and softness of the flat Mr. Reid had rented for us and made homelike from mine and Mary’s efforts, and sadder somehow than even the foundling house, which had no softness at all but was filled with voices from dusk to dawn. I hardened myself for the days to come and got to work.