By The Hand That Casts It

A story close to my heart to a venue I love, this piece appears in issue #45 of Shimmer magazine! You can by the issue here, and get all stories and editorials, but as of September 18th, you can read the story for free. (And towards the end of 2018, you can buy a year retrospective in print, too!)

What’s this story about? Oh, you know, assassins in love, beautiful flowers, and regrets. But it’s never too late to get back in the game. 💐🔪☠️

Here’s the opening, just to tease you:

If there was one thing Briar Redgrave hated most about her current profession, it was the clients. “But I wish it to be yellow, and vibrant,” the client insisted with a shake of her head. The crown of ostrich feathers on her wide-brimmed hat convulsed as though the bird that died for fashion’s sake was near resurrection. “It is my signature color. How else will the Viscount know that the flowers are from me?”