Date Night with the WIP

Tonight is supposed to be my first night at the WIP since the (long) break thanks to Script Frenzy. It has been hard, damned hard, to get back into it.

But me and the WIP, we’ve been flirting, sending solicitous emails to one another, and now I’ve bought some flowers, picked her up, and we’re sitting at the restaurant right now. Of course, I keep drinking my wine nervously and she keeps staring out the window wondering when I’m going to say something interesting.

Yeah, so in brief, it means that I am waiting for my Coca-Cola to finish chilling, I have my notebook ready, and Iron Chef playing on the iPad and a whole lot of NO WRITING is going on. Not even anything remotely creative. And now I’m eyeing my over-stuffed bookshelf, wondering if there is anyway I can get even more books on the poor thing. I really want a separate shelf for all my dictionaries and thesauri. Yes, I am that weird and that easily distracted. *sigh*

I need to focus.

I hope to do that here.

What I have done, in the last two weeks:

  1. I’ve printed out the draft, something around 11,000 words, and read it over. I have half a mind to read it again in PDF form on my new favorite iPad toy, iAnnotate, which recently tried when a critique group member needed a second read through in a hurry.
  2. I’ve read through my notes, both the initial half-formed bits and bobs and the slightly more coherent major story scenes.
  3. I’ve started making mood boards, primarily for the characters. I am using another iPad app for this called, not surprisingly, Mood Board. It’s all kinds of cool. While it’s intended for designers, I’m subverting it to my own uses. It gives me a geeky thrill.
  4. Using Notebooks on the iPad to write fresh notes, which actually solidified an important character trait/background that I think I intuitively understood before but now have a better grasp on — and, better, ideas on how to use that knowledge.
  5. And done a heck of a lot of procrastinating.

It’s surprising to me how much the iPad is becoming a creative tool, though a part of me worries that I am just using it as a tool to procrastinate. It is an asset having such a mobile workspace with applications increasingly unique to the device but my growing concern is one of information management. I will have information in three different formats and locations: computer, iPad and old-fashioned paper. That’s a recipe for at best frustration, at worst disaster, and it means extra work to make sure that I neither lose anything or find myself without information when I need it.

Okay, I feel like I am starting to get into the right headspace. Time to clear off the office table, get out the books I need, and get going.  ‘Cause the next time I post I want to come on here and say, “HEY! I did this really cool thing, and I’m all kinds of pleased with myself.”

I.E., the main course has arrived and I am out of wine. I have to start talking or I’ll look like a total drunkard.  (Which, maybe I am, but the naive little WIP doesn’t need to see that.)


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