About Me

I have just deleted the worst ‘About Me’ page that has ever existed.

No joke. It was awful. It was also written in 2008, so I think for that it deserves our pity. Time for a new page, one more to the point and less full of itself and its grand ideas.

And then I deleted the second one. Just now. It harped on weirdness as a self-defining trait. Enough. I’m weird. Let’s just move on.

So this is my blog.

Don’t let mundane matters of pizza-making, cat-wrangling and stationary-fetishing fool you. This blog is about my writing journey, with some digressions.

You’ll find a series of pages breaking down the books I read per year and pages touching briefly on computer programs I have used over the years. You can also find me over on Twitter, where I’m slightly spammy, Tumblr, which is a more NSFW mini-blog with even more diversions and fangirling, and GoodReads.

I write fantasy, but flirt madly with science fiction and horror. I’m in the middle of revising my third novel, at work on a forth, and I have a half-dozen short stories I’m revising and sending out to markets. I’m still learning. Not a total newb, but not much higher up the ladder than that. I occasionally try too hard, get things wrong, pick myself back up and try again. Sometimes I get it right.

You can check out my stories under the My Writing tab above, and to reach me, email at stephanie[dot]kmr[dot]charette[at]gmail[dot]com.