Unexpected Gifts: Art for ‘By The Hand That Casts It’ by Mimi Simon

Back in the fall I got an email from an art student in Pennsylvania, asking permission to create illustrations for my story, By The Hand That Casts It.

Though incredulous tears, I read the email again. And again.

Mimi Simon is an artist pursuing illustration at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (holy cats!). As part of her BFA, she wanted to use my story as inspiration for work that would count as credit towards her degree (holy cats!) Of course I said yes — because omg, holy cats! You can see her work on her Instagram account at @elwainen_art and on her website at mimisimon.com. Check out her galleries, they are fantastic, full stop.

Mimi sent me preliminary sketches after our first email exchange — which I loved and squeed about in private, just dying to tell the world. She’s just finished the paintings, four illustrations that are gorgeous and perfect. I can’t stop looking at them.

You guys … someone loved my work enough to make art from it. Art. I’m nearly crying now.

So, ta-da! Here they are! I’ve put them in chronological order as they happen in the story, except one.

This, below, is my favorite. Her sketch of this beat took my breath away when I first saw it, and the painting is even better. This is Briar’s pivotal moment in the story. That look in her eye, right now? She’s tired of you not paying attention and she’s ready to remind you that this rose still has its thorns.

Thank you, thank you, Mimi. This is such a gift, you have no idea. ❤️

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