A Tale Of Woe Told In GIFs

So, from September 20th onward, with no Internet connection, this was me:


And when I was at work, this was me, eyeing the Internet:

I had an installation date for a week and a half after my move into the apartment. But the Friday before my install I realized that I had an immovable work conflict. So I called to reschedule, knowing this would not be easy but had to be done. Because I deal with a re-seller, they can’t confirm an installation date. It’s gotta be sent off to the other company and then I will find out, maybe one or two days later, if one of my choices is available. I called the Friday before the Wednesday, asking for the 3rd, the following Friday. I get off the phone, having no idea of when my installation will happen.



No contact from anyone on Monday to confirm any new time frame and worried that if I didn’t confirm a tech would show up when I couldn’t possibly be there to let him in, and then cancel the install outright, I called Tuesday. They don’t know yet, but I get an email later that night saying my installation was on Saturday.

Great, if I wasn’t going to VCON the town over and was in no way available for a day I hadn’t asked for.


And plus, it would make it two weeks since moving in before I got service. A flurry of Customer Service happens as I email and tweet, and reps put me through and are very earnest but, because they don’t interact with the tech scheduling directly, they really can’t do anything. They will call me, they promise.

Days pass. No word.


Called again on Thursday because no call, no email. “Don’t know yet,” they say, and confirm to me that Friday, my original, original, before the surprise Wednesday and then the unwanted Saturday, is just not available. Fine, I think. Monday, Tuesday, whatever. It’s been this long, another weekend (GASP) won’t kill me.

And at work today, Friday?

Get a call from the tech, outside my apartment.

Dude was great. Totally waited for me to haul my butt a half hour across downtown to get home and let him in. Took five minutes with him at the cable, and five minutes of me double checking the wireless, and I’m back, baby.


I’m back.

Now, let’s get to work.

Edited to add: The kicker? After lunch today. Got an email confirmation of my installation set for Monday. BECAUSE OF COURSE.

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