Primer on Packing All The Things

Drink caffeine while packing; do not drink wine.

If you are chatty, don’t pack with friends. If people inhibit you, pack with company, comfortable or not. Pack with people you actively dislike, as the inclination to be brisk with them will carry over into the speed of packing. Friends will do you no good here.

Avoid looking at the things if at all possible, as it inhibits packing. Some of your things are shiny, some neat, or just damn cool. Some things are things you forgot about, making it hard not to linger.  Some things jog entire chains of memories, snuffed desires, and forgotten tasks. Do not look at these things directly, only obliquely. Throw them into boxes if you must. Score yourself on how much in the net they are, if there had been a net, if you had been looking.

Socks are ordinary and not fun, therefore safe to pack. The same is true for silverware, towels, and cleaning supplies. Rest assured that all your shiny, neat and just damn cool things will still possess these properties when they are removed from their boxes at a later date. Some things are things to look forward to, you tell yourself, while you have another sip of wine.

Of tea, I mean. Tea.

Seven days and counting oh my god oh my god.



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