Sights Acquired

These have descended into monthly updates — not my intent and, frankly, not cool.

The upside is that I’m missing them because I’m busy. The downside? Slow and negligible progress on the WIPs. Any of them. If life had been a teensy bit less busy, I was going to tackle the 3-Day Novel Contest as a wee vacation/reboot, but that got scrubbed too. My plans of late have all the structural integrity of a sugar cube — all plumb and square until that drop of water soaks up through one side and then it’s shmooshy sugar everywhere.

But, some matters of notes:

  • Keys acquired to new apartment! Move in date is the third weekend of September. Weirdly, the windows were bigger than I remembered, and the length of the apartment smaller. The cat has ample space for her butt and I still have ample space for my desk. Will be lean living for the first little while. Gonna try to buy what I need when I need, not go crazy all at once.
  • 3-Month review conquered at work and with minimal bloodshed! Just kidding, no blood. Because they thoughtfully cauterize wounds. Kidding! I think they like me. I do have to be more thoughtful about my excitableness, but those who know me well should not be surprised. It is surprising that I am as comfortable there, three months in, as I am. Haven’t taken off the glass slippers yet.
  • I went kayaking! Look, I can’t swim and I’m pretty blind. I put on the brave face for the weeks leading up to the event, all bullish, “It’ll be good for me!” and then succumbed to some serious pre-kayak jitters the day before and the morning of. Even getting into the kayak, feeling it wobble underneath me as I moved, made every muscle in my body reflexively tense. But about ten minutes later, once we were on the water under our own power, all I could think was that this was fucking awesome. There was a seal! And a jelly fish! And splashing people! It was terrific.

Now, all I gotta do is focus in on getting this move done as efficiently as possible and behind me. I’ve got work to do.

Here that, my little WIPs? Comin’ for ya.


Good gods, could there have been ANY MORE typos in this post? Sheesh.


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