The Things That Make It Home

I’ve passed my one week anniversary since landing, and it feels like the jet lag is behind me. While I still don’t have my belongings, which are winding their way across the prairies by now, hopefully, oh god please let them be winding, I have been doing what I can to make my new apartment and new town my home. What does that entail?

  1. Getting a library card. While I tried to get a BC License (and was temporarily thwarted) I was more concerned with getting access to the huge, wonderful Vancouver Public Library, aka the VPL. Did I mention that it’s seven stories tall and reminds one of a Roman colosseum? And it has books on the shelves like Joanna Russ’s To Write Like A Woman and Samuel R. Delaney’s Shorter Views? Well, they were on the shelves. They’re in my grubby little hands for now.
  2. Buying stationary supplies. The bulk of my office is still in transit, though I have the basics (current novel notebook, idea book, pencil case with most-favored pens, etc.). But I was in short supply of scratch paper and so found myself (drawn autonomously, I assure you) to the downtown Staples. Three legal pads, a pack of 2HB pencils, one snazzy sharpener and eraser later, I felt more at home. I’ve visited Paper-Ya on Granville Island first full day I was here, but not yet splurged. But I will. Oooooh, I will. ❤
  3. Tried hitting up the three-story Chapters downtown for a particular book but came up empty. Still, regular visits to a book store is sort of the the thing that I do, that needs must be done. Not only is it three stories tall, it’s got more science fiction and fantasy shelves than my old Chapters had fiction — all fiction. Hard not to twirl around on the third floor reading lounge humming bars from Sound of Music, let me tell you.
  4. Failing to find the particular book on the shelves, I did the next best thing to make me feel at home: I ordered it to be delivered. Wonderbook arrived yesterday. Holy cats, this is a gorgeous book — every page is juicy with color and movement, and no doubt advice. My roommate asked why I didn’t get the e-book version before I thrust all the lovely under his nose. Now he understands. E-book technology so far has not yet caught up with what skilled and lovingly executed design can do. (And there are few things as delightful as coming home and finding a book delivered to your door. Squee!)
  5. Started sniffing around for the local writing community, too. I have arrived at what is both the best and worst time to move to Vancouver. Not only is there the Vancouver Writers Fest going on this week, but this weekend is the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (with a full program, pitch sessions, etc.), all this after narrowly missing VCON, Vancouver’s SF convention — with Mur Lafferty, no less! Blargity. Lots of great opportunities, no money to pay for them. Next year, though, ohhh next year! That said, last night’s meet up with the West End Writers group was productive and refreshing, and they had lots to tell me of other groups and organizations to check out, too. 

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Later today I have an interview for a job (nothing fancy, just something to get money flowing in) and there’s a book launch I’ve previously blogged about that I will use to learn about the local transit system. In the meantime I am curling up with another of Russ’s essays and then will dive into the Wonderbook all while the cat watches the crows fly past our windows on the first fog-free day since I’ve landed.

I can make this place home. Oh yes. Happily.

2 thoughts on “The Things That Make It Home

  1. I regret not attending Surrey while I lived nearby. The expense always stopped me but *now* if I go, there would be airfare on top of everything else. Sigh. I shall have to live vicariously through your con-going. (Also, dying to hear what you think of Wonderbook … it’s already getting such buzz!)

    1. Steph

      I’m only a few pages into it, but I’m pretty hopeful. I will probably blog/gush about it shortly.

      Re: the air fare — it’s funny. Outside of events in the general Vancouver area, being here makes going to events not here, like all down the West Coast, is more affordable than trying to fly out from Sudbury to anywhere. I’m really hopeful that I’ll get a chance to not only find a creative roost here but check out Cons that would otherwise be unavailable to me. I will, of course, be a blog-bunny about any Cons I get to attend. 🙂

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