And lo, today the Internet was installed and the wireless, too.  And many were the websites that I visited and the updates that I downloaded. While the cat sat nonplussed, I plussed greatly. In the air, on the couch, but most definitely on my computer. All that’s left to wait on is the delivery of all my worldly goods, or at least the ones that couldn’t fit into my two checked bags.

Inching toward normality, day by day.

Not that the days haven’t been pleasant. The flights were not as smooth as I hoped — my connection was missed, my cat got mightily sick, we were both put up at a hotel care of the airline overnight, and the same piece of luggage was lost and found twice — but they weren’t that bad. If anything, the delay was for the best and even helped mitigate the jet lag. After that, I walked all around Granville Island the next day, and in and around the downtown the day after. I’ve probably walked more in these last days than I have in the last three months and loved every minute of it.

During the downtime, I bought some paper for longhand writing and received two rejections. One story I’m going to hold on to, I think, but the other needs to get back out there. I need to get back on the writing wagon now that I have access to the novels again. Besides that, Vancouver is hopping with writing event and group meetings. I’m hoping to check out the West End Writers this Wednesday night, Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Dead North anthology launch on Thursday, and in a non-writerly capacity, a special presentation of the Buffy musical Once More With Feeling at the Cinemathque.

Meanwhile, writing. And job hunting. Wish me luck.


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