Leaving, On a Jet Plane

Have I used this GIF before? Apologies. It is still, however, the right one to use now.

This October, I pack up my computer, my bed, and the cat and I set out for Vancouver. Now is the time to do this. I have lots of difficult and conflicting feelings about this — I will miss my family, my friends terribly but know that the Internet means keeping in touch is not as hard as it once was — but overlaying it all is this new bounce to my body, this hopeful joy, that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I’ve said else-web that this is my personal reboot. Set all the clocks to zero, wipe the boards clean, take out the blank sheet of paper. Begin again.

Vancouver, I think, can fill me up in a way that Sudbury hasn’t in a very long time. Perhaps never. I’ve always loved travel, and always loved large cities. Galleries and museums, vibrant art communities, multicultural experiences. And the food. Lord love a duck, the food. 

I go very quiet when I travel. I am looking and listening and watching to see everything. No matter how big, how small. I write it all down, either then or later, because I know memory is tricky and false. My journals let me stitch together my life and pull those landscapes back into view. I return to them again and again. But to live in one? That would be a gift. I cannot thank my friend, Michael, enough for giving me this gift. It is more precious than he knows.

Through it all will still be writing, of course. When the Betas get back to me, I will be tearing back into STAR DOOR. The damn novel is still dancing through my head, whispering things I could tweak here and there, but it will wait for its turn. I’m halfway through a new short story and hope to get it and a second one completed this month.

And of course, tearing through all my belongings, finding out what I treasure, what I need, and what I can sell or give away to minimize my moving costs. I’ve been good with the books, more or less, having gotten into a habit of selling books that I’ve bought and read, but didn’t love. There’s still a lot, though. But the rest of this place? Yeah, time to purge. Every little bit sloughed off now makes me that much lighter for the flight.

2013: you have been rocky and difficult and stressful.

Move over. I’m the protagonist now.

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