Now that was a vacation. Chased food trucks, traveled across suspension bridges, drooled over the magnificent Vancouver Public Library. Got to meet up with fellow VPXVer Tucker, too, and his wife Emily, at the Stormcrow Tavern, Vancouver’s own nerd pub. Every so often, the mountains would surprise me and I’d go silent staring. The ocean surprised me less. Unlike my brief visit to the Atlantic years ago, which had this undeniable, hypnotizing power to it, the Pacific feels so gentle (though I’m sure it’s not) and reminds me of the Great Lakes. You can forget it’s an ocean; you can’t forget its beauty.

So, yes. Vancouver was lovely.

Returning to the jumble that is my life has been less so. After taking a week to adjust to the time shift, nearly the length of the trip, I arrived back home out of step. I am still inclined to stay up much later, and wake later, than normal. While in British Columbia, my body responded to the daylight and woke me at 5:30am PST right on cue, my brain had an entirely different take, shouting, “We should have woken hours ago, hours!” Now back, I ignore the light and wake hours later, my body confused and my brain just downright pissy about it.

While I readjust, I’m trying to catch up on slush reading and get back into the daily writing habit. I’m plodding through one of the short stories I outlined in June while I was editing the novel currently out to Betas. Trying hard not to think too much about the latter. A more coherent Stephanie should emerge shortly. Your patience is appreciated. *g*

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