Done, baby, done!


The line edits are done! The email requests for Beta readers has been sent! All that’s left of that thorny novel is creating the various PDFs, DOCs, and RTFs so I can deliver it safely to inboxes waiting for it.

And then not think about it. Aggressively not think about it. For a good long while.

Is it perfect? Hell no. It will never be perfect. Is it good? I can’t answer that. It can be better, and with the help of Beta readers, I will be given tools to make it better.

But for now I like it, worts and all. It’s mine. And I don’t hate it. This is good.

July is going to be a fun month. I’m going to dig in to the short fiction I’ve been accumulating/neglecting and write two new short stories that I outlined in the last few weeks. And think about next novels. I will likely be quite bloggy, too, as I have a few posts that need to be blogged off my chest. (Blogged, by the way, is the best verb. The Internet does fun things with the English language. It’s like good old English finally found a partner to dance with as fickle and irreverent as English is, and they’re tearing up the floor together.)

And Vancouver! It’s a thing! And it’s happening tomorrow! Whee!

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