Brief Updatery

The contract is over; life returns to normal (for a bit).

May has been weird, rushing into June in a bit of a blur. I had a half-dozen would-be blog posts but little time to work on them and now half of them have missed their window of timeliness. Slushing fills the small gaps of time that I have, and in the evenings I’ve been reading, editing, even writing a short story and fully outlining two others. The finished one is mostly a joke, written to please myself but a good exercise in conceiving, writing and finishing something.

That’s the problem with novels — you’re always writing them, always editing them, until you suddenly aren’t. Often very suddenly, and then there’s that euphoria that all too soon drifts into deer-in-the-headlights panic. I should be doing something, but I’m not, and it feels weird and wrong.

Not that I am done with the edits for STAR DOOR — no, that’s what the next two weeks are for. I am finishing off the bigger cuts today and then for the next two weeks I will be running through each scene, reading and slimming and shaping, so that by the third week of June it will be sent out to Betas. (Which, I need to email about.)

Then Vancouver. Holy hell, do I need a vacation.

After that, I need to scrape up some sort of day-job to keep the bills paid. July I will take off from writing novels to work on those two short stories, edit some others, slush of course, and pick and plan out the next novel I want to work on. I want to write one this year. While STAR DOOR and BLOOD OF WOLVES (which gets the read-thru treatment this August, then edits) are still in the works, I also want to write something new. Something big and new — the last honest-to-goodness new thing I did was STAR DOOR. BLOOD was a from-scratch rewrite, true, but still a world I was ever-more familiar with as I wrote. I’ll consider it a personal failure if I don’t get something big done before we turn over to 2014.

And hopefully, before the year closes, I can send queries to agents and publishers for STAR DOOR. We’ll see what the Betas have to say, of course. (Also, NEED HELP WITH TITLES.)

In the meantime, the Peach Kitty, Babs, has been filling the space left for her by Grayson’s absence the way a goldfish grows to fill the size of its tank. A lot of his behaviors have migrated into her — she is more affectionate, more vocal (I should never have called her Babbles in jest, not even once), and keeps quite close to me when I’m home. She’s not the brightest creature, but she’s earnest. She tries so damn hard. She’s been more of a comfort than I expected.

Oh, a few parting thoughts:

  • Iron Man 3 was pretty damn good — better than the second, not as good as the first, but a fitting end to a trilogy. (Tho’ I quibble with two character developments at the end, and there are plot-rivets. Large ones.)
  • Star Trek Into Darkness was a very pretty mess. Phoebe posted about her thoughts on what they’ve done to Spock here, one of the many problematic things in the new franchise. I have thoughts. Ranty ones. They may be forthcoming.
  • I just finished Year’s Best 2011, edited by Richard Horton (because I am behind in ALL OF MY READING) was probably the best anthology I’ve read in the last few years. Looking forward to his 2012 one. Which I will get to. Sometime.
  • The Internet schadenfreude-shower over the penultimate episode of the third season of Game of Thrones was, as a reader of the books, delightful. You can savor some of it here. Imagine what we solitary readers went through! No one to share it with, melting into puddles of sobs and feels, and everyone looking at us like we were nuts. Now you know. And you know why I love this series.
  • They’ve announced that the Doctor will be regenerating during the Christmas special. As entertaining as Matt Smith’s giraffe performance has been, I have not liked much of the last season, or the one prior, and was ready to swear off the show after the Anniversary special this fall. Now that I know we have a new Doctor coming, they will keep me as a viewer for one more season but I really need them to pick it up. If not, I may have to hit the fanfiction or tie-in stuff I’ve so far not checked out. (I’ve been getting a lot of my happy Doctor Who vibes from the weekly Verity! podcast, where a round-table of awesome gals talk about the show in all its forms.)

So that’s it, that’s me, for the last month, struggling along with a missing wheel whilst trying to get things done.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled squeeing, fangirling and scribbling.

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