I’m so tired. No silly GIFs today. I’m not up to it.

It has been a weird, strange, and sad month for many reasons but for this most of all: I woke the morning of the 16th, flush from a great night out with the writing group, to find my little guy, Grayson, had died. That’s him, below. Handsome fellow, wasn’t he? He’d given no indication that was sick or suffering, perfectly normal. He even came that night and cuddled in my neck, purring madly, as he always did. The shock of it — his cold limbs, the silence he left in — I’m not used to that.

I’d had him since he was a kitten, and his claim to fame was that he was picked by the dog because out of his litter he was the only one that didn’t freak out at being brought nose to nose to his soon-to-be bigger, toothier sister. He was laid back, affectionate, and vocal. A lean athlete, self-taught mouser in a house of placid pets. Would come when you called him, would shoo when needed to be shooed. A gentleman cat, and gone too soon.

This blog has seen too much of that, these last years.

Greyson (2006-2013)

So I’m feeling hollow, scraped out, and muddling through what I can do when I can do it. I had a great day with the writing group yesterday where we set up an all-afternoon writing playdate, then hit the local favorite for drinks and food, then Star Trek. It was good. Needed. I transferred notes on a brewing novel into it’s own dedicated book and mind-mapped the plot elements of a short story I’ve been toying with. Editing progresses, and while I expect to make some progress in these last two weeks of my contract (our group was extended by two weeks, filling out the remainder of May), the bulk of the work will get done in the three weeks of June before the trip to Vancouver. Hard editing date, as I may have mentioned, is June 25th. It will be beta-ready or bust.

I was also fortunate to be accepted as a slush reader for Daily Science Fiction magazine. It’s been a slow ramp up from the minimum per day to a steady 4 or more in a sitting. It’s only been a week now, but I’m learning a lot. And it’s been good having something to concentrate on besides my own projects.

Today’s the last day of the three-day holiday in Cananda, Victoria Day. If you are setting off fireworks, be careful, though in my neck of the woods the expected rain has settled in to douse those hopes.

Looking forward to June. Very much.

In the meantime, I work, I write, I edit. It’s all I can do, really, besides wait for the sun to come out.

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