The merry month of May is on us and I’m not sure where I’ve put April. Embarrassing, really. I know I just had it with me a moment ago. And I had such plans for it, too.

Well, that’s not true. April hasn’t been a big goose egg. Edits on STAR DOOR are progressing from biggest to smallest problems, to be followed up with line edits thereafter. I spent a great and pleasant chunk of time doing my homework for Cat Rambo’s Editing 101 class and got to try my hand at shorter work in her Flash Fiction workshop. Did some critiquing, too, and applied for a slush reader position. (Fingers crossed!)

More importantly, Rambo’s classes have given me a push I didn’t know I needed. I’m still chewing on it, and trying a few things.

In the meantime, I suppose I will have to figure out May. I have two weeks left on my contract (unless something nifty happens) and then I will be in this weird, middle period between working and … VANCOUVER!

After years of what-ifs and maybes, I’ve bought a ticket that will take me out of northern Ontario and off to the West Coast for a week of relaxation and not-your-typical-tourist adventures with Michael. I will see the sea and wiggle my toes in the sand. I will chase gourmet food trucks, stuff myself on sushi. I will cross gorges, ascend tree bridges.

I haven’t had a vacation in … well, god, years. I’ve been away, but to workshops and conventions. While they are awesome, they are not relaxing; I usually come back exhausted, mind-racing and flatly irritated at the imposition of a day job.

This will be a rest. This will be a replenishment.

This will be fun.

Once I get back, I’ll have to decide on some things, figure other things out. Until then, I’ll have a couple of weeks at the day job and then a couple of weeks after before I fly out. It’s a great deadline to run to, have STAR DOOR ready for Betas, send it off before I go.

I like the sound of that. A lot.


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