From My Ear(worm) to Yours

I’m not sure what the purpose is for random scraps of music to so fully etched themselves into the lizard brain, but it happens. A lot. When something gets stuck in my head, is it the latest song stuck on repeat on the local radio station? (Radio? What’s radio?) A jingle from television? (Nope. Cord cutter.)

  1. The Scarecrow’s If I Only Had a Brain. I usually hum this one. Often. People give me a look when they recognize it.
  2. The theme song from Batman: The Animated Series. (The superior Batman of all film versions ever made, IMNSHO.)
  3. The intro song to Disney’s Robin Hood. Whistled, of course. (I must have listened to that album a hundred times as a kid. The love song, too, gets stuck.)
  4. The song What’ll I Do, burned into my brain from a British television show Birds of a Feather, though it’s been sung by the greats.
  5. The theme from I Dream Of Genie even though I have never watched an episode of that show in my life, ever.
  6. The theme from the 1960 psychedelic Spider-man cartoon show, which I watched the crap out of, believe you me.


Runners up include the theme from The Addams Family, various Christmas carols (programmed thoroughly thanks to yearly, week-long, dump all the kids in school in the gymnasium and have them sing carols from an endless series of overheads), songs featured on the Muppet Show, Monty Python songs, and various video game soundtracks (looking at you Zelda, and you Final Fantasy).

What tunes get stuck in your ears? What do you do about them?

I used to work with a cook that swore that humming a few bars of Born in the USA would dislodge any song and for me it’s worked — though not sure if that doesn’t follow the ‘this rock keeps tigers away’ trick.

Don’t click those links! SAVE YOURSELF!

3 thoughts on “From My Ear(worm) to Yours

  1. Janine

    I find when I get home and turn off my ipod, hours later I’ll have the song I cut off replaying in my head. The only way to make it stop is listen to it again all the way through.

    1. Steph

      Sometimes a song just begs to have that loop closed out with one more play through. Other times, getting the song stuck in someone else’s head works, too. *grin*

  2. This morning it was the fricken Muppet Show theme. What made it worse? I can do about an 80% close Kermit impression, which aided me in the shower for the conclusion of said tortuous theme. I suppose it could be worse, though, and I’m amazed at how many of the lyrics I remember…

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