Week Two — New Rhythm

My body has adjusted to the new schedule so I’m not waking up an hour, or more, for my 5:00 am wake-up call. Which means I’m rested and generally high energy during the day. Even better, I’m not tapped out at the end of the day and I have made it to the computer.

WiP particulars: finished the final add-on scene that caps off the new material needed. Next up is going through the following chunk. I’ve pulled those POV chapters out of the whole so I can re-read them all together and prepare my action plan for next week.

Other writing news? Signed up and had the first class in Cat Rambo’s Editing 101 course. She had a special offer for last minute signups and gods know I need all the help with editing I can get. I considered it a late birthday present to myself. What really sold it, though? I follow Cat on Tumblr, and she’s cool, but the reading she gave at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto last year blew me away. There were a bunch of really strong readings over the course of the Con, but hers was the standout. My brain did happy things listening to her reading, so I want to learn from her. (I have homework, too!)

Speaking of my brain, it’s gone into overdrive while I’m at work. While the muse/boys in the basement aren’t thinking about the WIP, they sure have been taking the smallest things and offering up tantalizing nuggets. I may spend part of the weekend just playing with what they’ve offered up — a couple of which are things I can do with disconnected ideas needing that something more to make them usable. So, thanks brain!

Brain firing on all cylinders is probably a result of mainlining Odyssey SF/F podcasts while at work. I do data entry, and I need to drown out co-workers. (Music doesn’t work — I can write to music, but I can’t read, type and listen to music and maintain the speed and accuracy required for the job. Music supersedes the the rhythm of the work.)

Anywho, that’s it! Hanging in there. And looking forward to Ad Astra in two weeks! Booyah!


PS: Apologies to RSS users out there. I just posted (and back-dated) my last three writing-related Tumblr posts. They should get some love here, too, I think. I always feel like I’m cheating on WordPress by playing over on Tumblr and have considered forsaking WordPress entirely but I don’t think I have access to the same analytics as I do here. Not that it’s necessary now but in future, one hopes, it will be.

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