Week One — Done!

Week One -- Done!

Not only have I survived my first week back, I wrote every day after I cam home, hitting a modest 2,500 words on new scenes needed in the STAR DOOR rewrite.

Nightly goals were micro goals — showing up, getting words down. Anything more than 250 words was acceptable and I often got down more. Over the weekend, the plan is to finish this last scene that will complete what I’ve been calling the Hob 1.5 patch and then I move on to the next big puzzle, dealing with the sister and the antagonist, as I feel like I’ve not done all there that I’d intended during the first draft. It will get tricky next week if I’m not writing new scenes but the plan will still be to hit the computer immediately after work and deny myself dinner until my time is done, or the goal is met.

Honestly, denying myself snacks or dinner is a great motivator for me. I’m allowed tea, but I know that as soon as my body gets food at the end of the day, half the lights upstairs in the old noggin shut off and I will not get anything done.


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