Remember, back then, when I used to do these weekly updates of my progress? And I stopped when I finished the big WIP draft and didn’t pick it up with the other WIP revisions?

Yeah, that. *grin*

My contract starts bright and early (so very early, not so bright) this Monday. Three months at the day job again, which means my internal clock will go za-boing like a flung-out Slinky and I’ll be all out of whack.

But maybe that’s a good thing? Certainly the first two months of 2013 were not what I’d hoped. Progress on the revisions for the WIP have been stop and go (though at least there was some go) and it just might be time for a shakeup to get me back in fighting shape. New faces, new routine, new input. This could all very well be to the good.

The writing goal is something every day. And every week, beyond the regular reblog love and odd bits, I’ll update on my progress. Again. Like I used to! Spring comes to all things. That’s it, I was hibernating. Now it all makes sense.

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