Miscellaneous Post-Confetti Tidings

I think I got some confetti jammed between the letters of my keyboard after that last post.

As (should have been) expected, there was some post-rewrite hangover to deal with once I had set aside the last pages of BLOOD OF WOLVES. I gave myself a couple of days off, and perhaps they weren’t enough. I came back to STAR DOOR hoping to just pick up where I left off in the editing but found the work sluggish, difficult. I might get through several thousand words in a single day, and the next struggle with a few pages. Long-form editing is still a skill I’m learning and too often I try to do all the things at the same time and only manage in the end to give myself a monster tension headache that lingers for days.

Plus, I’d tricked myself. The first 40K or so had a light tweaking earlier in the year, so going through those scenes proved to be quick work. Scenes where I hadn’t already tweaked them needed closer reading, creating this up and down momentum that stressed me out. (I still, frankly, spend too much time worrying about doing something wrong. It’s not good, not healthy, and sure as hell not productive.)

I’d also reached that point in the manuscript where I could no longer edit without addressing the plot problem I had so stupidly yet deliberately skipped past during drafting, magically thinking that the solution would present itself if I worked hard on the other bits. No such magic, alas. The plot problem is still there, wiggling its ass and making colorful hand gestures. Back to paper and long-hand noodling to sort it.

Good news is that I think I’ve mostly got it. I’m setting aside page-by-page editing and breaking it down into story chunks to work on. I layered some new character interaction in prior scenes and now I have about four scenes that will get chopped up and rearranged, with some cuts. I get nervous, because it’s so hard to gage my progress. I like working with measurable goals and targets. Editing is squishy work for me still, though I wish it weren’t.

Reading a ton lately, too. Normally my reading habits/commentary go straight into the Bookshelf link, but that poor page gets absolutely no love. So I may start clipping them into other posts and then archiving them on that page. Also considering taking part in the A-to-Z Blogging challenge. VP Classmate L. Blankenship did it last year, did an amazing job, and has got me thinking I might try it. Madness? Possibly, but I have until April to think about it.

Anywho, the confetti is now out of the keyboard and a certain rabbit-tailed rapscallion and I still have a few things to work out over some imaginary whisky. Wish me luck.

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