Who moved that goal post? Wait, I did!

It’s final push time. I have about 5K or so left on THE BLOOD OF WOLVES. 

Original plan was to have STAR DOOR edited by the end of January, having given myself an extension for the BLOOD rewrite to either the first or second week of February. (Of course, January 31st was the original deadline for BLOOD that I monkeyed with in the first place. SHH.) But as I got nearer to the end of BLOOD, I realized that I was close — really close — to just getting it done. It’s pushed aside the edits. I can think of nothing else.

I kicked out some 4,400 words yesterday, hoping that it would be the final day. But turns out I had estimated the length pretty well and it still needs about another 5K — which will land it firmly in 95,000 words. 

That’s a lot of words for one day. Lots for me, anyways, and certainly not something I can do every session. Normally that sort of word count leaves me feeling hung over the next day or so. But boy I slept great last night. (In general, I’m pleased with a 2K day, I’ll accept a 1K day, and if I am miserable beyond misery, I try for 250 words.) 

So BLOOD will be finished by January 31st after all, if not a day early, and then STAR DOOR edits will be the focus for the first two weeks of February. 

After that? New contract at work! Back to the day job for about three months. This will necessitate a hell of a lot of restructuring of my life. I don’t want to lose momentum but at the same time I won’t have a novel in my lap, either. STAR DOOR will be out to Betas, and it takes time to get that feedback. BLOOD will need a cool-off before I can edit that and then look for Betas — though I will probably read-thru and plan edits from late March thru April. During the downtime I’m considering switching gears, focusing on the short stories that I have kicking around, editing and submitting them, and doing some noodling on two different and totally unrelated novel ideas. (I’d really like to have a book plotted out almost entirely before writing it. Or at least try. My tent-pole method is working, but the process ends up with a stop-and-go rhythm that I would like to even out.)

And I want to keep writing every day, or failing that doing something writing-related every day (editing, brainstorming, critiquing, etc.). That, at the very least, is something I know I can do.

After the contract? Revisions on STAR DOOR, then looking for a home for it. And BLOOD following that. Am I crazy? Can I get both of these novels submission ready and in front of editors and agents this year?

God, I hope so.


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