Panic! Not My Idea of Fun.

So, yesterday I spent in a tea-blissed panic of my iMac failing. Seriously failing, going from numerous hard boots to then mucking about in Safe Mode and trying to divine meaning from the screed of text it offered up before the computer would turn itself off. (I say tea-blissed, because I spent the morning staring at the computer, drinking lavender and pomegranate green tea and not screaming.)

I ended up restoring the system from a backup on my Time Machine (not an actual Time Machine, either the cool TARDIS sort or the Apple product, just a hard drive I have running the Time Machine program), which of course now doesn’t want to make any further back-ups. Sigh. Regardless, I am back up and running after 8 hours down.

If something were to happen to the iMac, I wouldn’t be without a computer. I still have the MacBook Pro trucking along. But it was a cold shower, that’s for sure. The iMac has been more reliable, to date, than any desktop I’ve ever had, and the Apple laptops I’ve had enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) lifespans far beyond the PC laptops I’d used pre-2008. I expected the iMac to be the same, especially as it’s only a year and a half old.

Oh well. It’s running now. Let’s hope it keeps that way.


In the meantime, two weeks left to hit both my targets. Today’s words for BLOOD are almost done and after today’s episode of Cabin Pressure (which you can find here on BBC Radio 4 at 1:30 PM EST on Wednesdays) I start those line edits for STAR DOOR.  I think my twin targets are still doable, but ask me again in a week. *g*


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