State of the WIPs


Finished the read-thru for STAR DOOR and, pleased to say, it doesn’t entirely suck.

To be fair, this is surprising. The previous version of BLOOD OF WOLVES, once the rose-colored glasses of hope had been torn away, did suck in crippling, embarrassing ways. You could tell in places early on where story questions were unanswered and I barreled on anyways. I still think the second half hung together better, but in that ‘good try!’ sort of way, since the first half that sets it up is all fragmentary nonsense.

Back to STAR DOOR (which needs a name that doesn’t suck, eventually). The goal is to give the manuscript a line-edit scrub and a few scene reshuffles by the end of the month. Then I bug (beg?) my local writing group for Betas as well as see if there any takers on the VPXV mailing list (which means I need to write a teaser/back cover copy to let them know what they’d be reading).

But STAR DOOR has three big story questions that need a good think. They need answering, and they need addressing in the text. (I know I need to talk it out, but then the only people I can talk it out with are people who I hope to have read the manuscript. But I want them to read it without any preconceptions. Catch-22, I haz it.)

Meanwhile, still working on that BLOOD OF WOLVES rewrite. I’ve hit 73,000 words and I’m heading into the final chapters. Unless something weird happens, that draft should be done by the end of January, too. That won’t be ready for Betas until BLOOD has cooled (coagulated?) and I’ve had a chance to read and line scrub. Maybe by spring? (By that I mean Canadian spring, sometime around April or May. A March spring is unicorn-rare in these parts but as I watch a January rain beat against my window, I wonder if that’s true anymore.)

Whatever else, the writing is getting done and that pleases me. Speaking of which …

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