Hollywood North?

It’s weird to think that people come to my home town to film a movie. Locals making their student projects before flying south to film school? Sure. But people I can look up in IMDB? Weird.

Anyway, they are filming this zombie movie a few blocks down the street: The Returned. (Of the dead, I suppose.) The City’s twitter feed announced the filming site, advising drivers that they may be redirected but that the filming is only supposed to last the day.

Sadly, did not get close enough to really see much (though some locals I know on Facebook did get better pics and posted them there). The filming took place at the corner of Logan and Quinn, just down the road from me, and the press release had said that people on the street should expect to see people in military uniforms with fake guns as well as the filming crew. I walked down the road with my earbuds plugged in, pretending I didn’t know what was supposed to be happening. I got within 30 feet of a police officer stationed up the road from the filming site, who waved me back the way I’d come. Boo. Walking back, three local cars, unaware of the filming and the road closure, drove past and got turned away by the same officer. It does irk that uniformed police and cop cars are assigned to these things, but I guess they don’t have much choice. I took a photo of what I could see. I think they were still setting up the shoot.

I know. It’s not a great shot. That’s a zoomed-in pic I took once I was halfway back. Later on when I was catching the bus I could see more tents set up, a big white van full of equipment, people going back and forth. They also had big barriers set up, like at a military installation, in front of the garage at the intersection. Didn’t see any filming though.

Apparently they have set up a few short-term locations around town. Cool. But weird. This is supposed to happen in other people’s towns, not my sleepy little neighborhood. Yay, Hollywood North? Even if it wasn’t filmed locally, it’s still a zombie flick — among my fav kind of horror films. My butt will be in the theatre when it comes out in 2013, though I’ll be watching for the locations as much as for the undead.

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