The Fuzzy Sock Writing Retreat

This weekend is a cocooning weekend. I spent the last whole week being social and active and now I’m stiff in every joint and my immune system is all sluggish, promising vague cold-like symptoms to come. Well, fuck you body. I have donned my fuzzy socks and I am roasting a chicken tonight and attending to all of two things this weekend: writing and books. Booyah. Champion of the Universe, this girl over here. For the next two days, anyways.

Writing output crested this week on Wednesday, and since then no new words. Just mind-mapping and internal assessment. I’m scant words away from 85,000 words in the WIP, only 5K left to the 90K milestone that might be the end of the novel. Or might not. The problem of having a vague ending is rearing its head and is forcing me to stop, think good and hard about where I’ve written to and what needs to come next. With some quiet time yesterday I made a small bit of progress and the plan today is to continue. I don’t need to have action and reaction outlined as if I was coordinating an epic fight sequence in a Hollywood blockbuster, but I need to have enough so that my improv guys have a stage to act on, yanno? Questions of theme are emerging, too — what’s in the novel, what’s supposed to be in the novel, what might be put there instead. Dropped balls and dangling arcs, these are all things I need to make note of now to see if they still have a place in the WIP or require extraction.

So, that will be where I’ll be living the next couple of days. I’ve been pretty quiet across all social channels lately as I barrel towards this novel’s ending. It will be my forth completed novel draft. I’d like to get it done this weekend, and then take the week off after to mess around and then plan out the next month and a half before World Fantasy. The weeks are rushing by in strange ways lately. Maybe that’s autumn and the loss of summer. Maybe that’s me just counting the words I write. I don’t know. I want everything to slow down, just a bit, so I can catch up. On writing, on reading, all of it. May the fuzzy socks guide me, may the roast chicken soothe my bones.

Next post will be on the other side of the finished draft. See you then!

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