Week Fifteen

Thoughts from my Tumblr, with addendum:

I’m starting to confuse myself with these posts when it comes to word count. I have two methods of measuring output, one that measures it Wednesday to Wednesday, which I offer up to my writing group (almost like a goat on the alter) and one that measures roughly a calendar week, which I use here and on Tumblr.

Overall, writing is going well. For my last writing group meeting I was able to go in there and tell them that I had cracked a 10K week, which is pretty damn good for me. I have only rarely managed to do that, and it normally involves either NaNoWriMo or the rush that takes me through the end of the novel or project. This is more like the latter. For my Tumblr estimates, about 8K again. The last two days have seen a drop off in output after I pushed myself to a whopping 3,400 word day on Wednesday. A bit burnt out but I have made it to the page and gotten some words down every day since, just to keep my fingers moving.

The novel has hit 77,000 words. Original goal was 80K as a very rough ballpark. It will likely finish around 90K or so, unless something weird happens. (cue ominous music)

Meanwhile, I am outfitting a new-to-me MacBook Pro. The old one has served me well lo these many years, but it’s off to the pasturelands of the Apple Afterlife (after iLife?) to enjoy her well-earned rest.

Lately, all this laptop funkery has kept me mostly homebound when it came to writing. I gotta change up my work environment fairly often to be able to focus and now that I’m properly mobile again I will be hitting the road to help concentrate on these last chapters. Goal is to have a finished draft by the end of next week!

And if not …

Still not happy with how my Tumblr and my Blog do and do not intersect. Minor annoyances. But what I’m most looking forward to is that this new MacBook will be entirely and only for writing. None of my normal, surfing bookmarks on on that laptop. I do not have a mail program set up (either Apple’s own Mail program or Sparrow or anything else). Only writing and writing-related programs have been installed. It is a lean, mean, writing machine, the kind I had always wanted to turn my own MacBook into but couldn’t without a complete wipe and rebuild. The iMac remains my multi-purpopse station for writing, social internet fun, games, media and document storage, and so on. But the MacBook will have only one function, and I plan to ride that thing into the ground.

And for those actually visiting the website instead of coming via an RSS feed, yes, another change-up. I realized that as much as I liked the other feed, the sidebars were not scrollable, and depending on the device, portions could not be accessed. Boo. I remain eternally dissatisfied with WordPress’s default themes. Eventually I’ll do something more substantial with it.


2 thoughts on “Week Fifteen

    1. Steph

      I’m still happy, too! But worried. These gonzo weeks always take a few days after to recuperate, which I don’t like. I just want boundless productivity all the time. Is that too much to ask? *grin*

      And Bernard is my totem animal, methinks.

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