Week Fourteen

Was out of town last weekend, so I don’t have a full week’s writing to report. Still, over 6K progress on the WIP and the novel draft has crested the 70K mark.

What I’m really excited about is that I’m at the stage in the novel where it has its own momentum. It’s not writing itself — I don’t believe that sort of thing — but all the pieces are in place and I just have to make sure I show up. Even after my morning writing sessions, I’m still itchy for it during the rest of the day. A good sign.

But I’m still the Queen of Self-Sabotage, and self-distracting can still get me into trouble. Low word count days are invariably ones where I have let social media capture my attention for far too long. Not only does it eat time, it eats passion, becoming this self-feeding negative loop, and it gets to the point where it doesn’t matter how long I’m sitting at the keyboard. The day is still zapped.

All that aside, I’m a happy little work horse these days. I think I can have the draft done mid-September. The original goal for STAR DOOR was 80,000 words. I should hit that this week, but whether the novel is finished by then or needs more room at the end? We’ll just have to find out.

Also, there is a little something on tonight, a Doctor Who or some such. A premiere, I think? Might be worth checking out.


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