Week Twelve

Things are going swimmingly — which is such a nice change of pace!

I’ve hit 60K on the WIP and I am regularly getting down 1000-2000+ words per session. I have been using a timer application on my iMac, called Pomodoro by Ugo Landini and Pascal Bihler which uses the Pomodoro Technique. (Any old timer will do, of course, and it is named Pomodoro because the pioneer of the technique happened to have a tomato-shaped timer when he began.)

For every 25 minutes, you get a 5 minute break. (And if you keep using it, consecutively, then the app will give you an extended break after a set number of 25/5 minute sessions.) For every Pomodoro session, I aim for 500 words. Keep in mind, I’m not coming to the writing cold. I generally have the next few scenes figured out (loosely) and do that away from the keyboard.  The app I use has a nice clock-ticking sound effect that I find very useful for keeping me focused and out of the social networks, but that’s a feature you can turn off if you find it distracting. I was about to plunk down some cash for Concentrate, another Mac app that would more thoroughly lock down my Internet and browsing capabilities, but with Pomodoro I haven’t needed to.

The plan for the week ahead is still to aim for about 8K (though I hit 9K last week, which, yay!), and maybe I can get this thing drafted out by the end of August. That will require some pushing, but I think it might be doable.

Yup. Pretty damn pleased with myself for the moment.

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