Week Eleven

Just had another good week, word-count wise, bringing in another 8,000 words on multiple projects. (Momentum! I HAZ IT!) Specifically:
  • Have hit 52K on STAR DOOR (one day, I will give a real title, you’ll see!), having passed the 50K mark in the middle of last week. I finally broke through on the second POV character’s arc, and that’s running off merrily trying to catch up to the first POV character. Once they meet, KABOOM. Things get really, really messy. In the fun way.
  • Was inspired by an anthology to write a short story (that, now, will not qualify for that anthology, le sigh) and got about 3,100 words into it which will all be scrapped, as I realized what part of the story I actually need to tell. I’ll enjoy it, maybe post it on my blog.
  • Did a wee epilogue for my SHERLOCK SQUARED fanfic, a teensy reward to myself for finally making some real progress. About 2K.

Pretty pleased overall, and looking to continue this trend. Here, have a grooving and slightly tipsy Holmes.

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