About Those Updates …

I’ll admit it. There was some laziness involved. You see, I’m kind of in love with Tumblr these days. It has all the brevity of Twitter with all punch and fangirling of your favorite geek hubs. It’s more visual, and it lends itself to rapid dissemination of all the things that tickle a girl’s heart, and sometimes other places.

Tumblr seemed a good place to post these mini-updates of where my writing was at any given moment. Quick check-ins that wouldn’t spam the blog here. (Spamming is something I sort of worry about, and if you saw my rampant Tumblr reblogging, you’d understand my concern.) Plus, I could use fun gifs.

And then I felt guilty, ’cause I was having so much fun with them over there, so started cross-posting them here. Whether they are spam or not, that’s your call.

The progression, over the last four weeks or so, has become increasingly negative, until this weekend I just posted this gif, without comment.

Ah, inarticulate frustration. Thy name is an Alan Rickman gif. 

New words on any WIP of mine had stopped coming. I dived into a lot of reading, a lot of plotting, a lot of trying to find the story I wanted to tell. And each week, I’d get more anxious about my fun-little-Tumblr-post, making it not so fun anymore. Each update a confirmation that my dread manifested. Ugh.

Then something clicked. I did not want to post one more goddamn ‘no progress’ post.

So I won’t be. Cracked open a joke short story I’ll never be able to sell but will be amazeballs to write, and then all of a sudden the log-jam on STAR DOOR busted clear open. All in, I’ve written 3,500 words in the last three days and I think that’s just the beginning. Hot damn, and about time.

(Did my brain just need a month off? Dunno, but I hope the Pina Coladas were good.)


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