Week Eight — Reprobate?

No. I do not have a plot.


I know places where I need to cut, where I need to merge. I spent some time noodling my characters, as many of them are thin in places and they are too new to be threadbare so soon.

Most of my time has been invested in working my way through STORY by Robert McKee. I’m hoping that it will help consolidate a lot of the things I already know but do not have named and help me crack open the things I don’t yet perceive.

What I do know I learned from my fanfic experience, about how the plotting came so quickly when I knew character and setting and had an end point in mind. I don’t yet have one in mind for STAR DOOR, and it is that unanswered question that keeps me from moving forward.

Last week I talked about blindly pushing my way through the draft, like a stampeding elephant. And yes, I could do that. But I want something that hangs together more or less when I come out the other side. And that means planning it out. Plotting remains my homework challenge, as well as diving into the books on Fairy Tales I found in the university library. Books, books, books.

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