Week Six – Pick-up Sticks

This past week was my first full week (minus the holiday) working at the university library, both in the regular areas and in the gorgeous (stunning, magnificent, drool-worthy) reading room. Getting up early and out of the house has put me in a better frame of mind, too. It does mean I have to plan ahead so I have the right tools with me, but that’s also a good thing. I know what’s on tap for the day, and I do it.

I finished reading (after weeks of avoiding) the 2.0 draft of BLOOD, making notes and making some tough decisions. The toughest? That this WIP is no where near finished, or publishable, in its current state. Not even a line edit would salvage it. There are some fundamental structural issues, especially in the first half, that can only be addressed by ripping it all out at the roots and starting again.

The good news is that once I outline it, I think the actual writing will go quickly. Or at least as quick as the drafting for STAR DOOR had been until I put it on hiatus.

Current plan? Rebuild BLOOD from scratch and write the 3.0 draft after I complete the 1.0 draft of STAR DOOR. Which means I need to plot out the rest of that novel, too. So, cautious optimism. Looking forward to getting back to the heavy lifting.

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