It’s beautiful …

I was mentioning to my local writing group last night how productive and energizing its been for me to relocate to the university library. Unlike the main public library downtown, which is generally overcrowded, noisy and distracting, the university library is mostly empty this time of year, has no shortage of quiet spaces and better air conditioning. Plus, hauling my butt over to the library makes it feel like I'm starting a work day, and keeps me more focused on the task at hand.

Two of the members told me that they had used a separate space for local NaNoWriMo events called the Brenda Wallace Reading Room. I'd missed out on that particular one, so they told me the room was really nice, high marks. I had a hard time imagining what they described as being part of the library at all, which is pretty functional, institutional in its design.

Today, since I arrived late thanks to the bus running behind, I figured I might as well take a closer look.

This is what I found:

And this is only half the room! What you can't see from the photo are the two-story high banks of windows that overlook a forest of wild aspen, birch and pine, and the lake shining beyond it all. Up against the windows is a row of black leather chairs facing nothing but green and blue, far as you can see.

I expect that I shall be camped out here for most of the summer.

I apologize for the length of posts recently. Once I get something in my blood, I gotta get it out one way or another. Back to shorter posts! (Though I am thinking that, seeing as I tend to have these book and media related mega-posts, it might be time to make a new sub-page.)


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