Week Four – A Month Already?

All raw drafting has come to a screeching halt.

Yeah, I know. Not happy about it, either.

My Madcap Summer Plan (TM) was to draft one new novel while editing the previous novel. This only works if two things are true:

  1. Your previous novel just needs line edits and minor changes.
  2. Your current novel has its outline and research prepared.

I’ve read a third of the way through the previous novel, and, per the last post, it has not gone well.  So much of it feels clumsy and not thought through. I spent a day writing up a monstrous, snarky recap of it and, frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t followed through with my promise to set it on fire.

Meanwhile, the new novel? I’ve written as far as I can without sitting down and making some tough decisions. I’ve spent the last few days giving it a line edit scrubbing and sending it out to a couple of people. But the truth is now I need to finish the research I started and set down the laws of this new world otherwise I can’t move forward.

(HEY. Hey there. These are the weekly summaries are being posted over on my Tumblr, and I thought, really, they should be here, too. Over there is … over there, with a lot more stuff. Fluffy stuff. One might even call it spammy stuff, so I’m trying to keep that there and this here. More or less.)


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