Love Bites From Tumblr

Ah, Tumblr. How I love thee, let me reblog the ways.

No Internet site has the lock-down awesome; each social media has its ups and downs and trolls and quirks. But for some reason I have not come across it to a great degree on Tumblr. It’s where I go to get upbeat, nerdy, positive stuff of all kinds. And if there is something not positive, it’s got positive people rallying to do something positive about it. And because of how it’s set up — encouraging shorter posts, sharing of those posts, and liking posts you come across — it feels like the love child of Twitter and all the blogging platforms out there.

Here are some standouts that make me laugh, make me think, make me wanna stand up and shout, “HEY! This is worth your time.”

1) Escher Girls focuses on the bizarre poses that women get twisted into by comic book artists. Not all artists, of course, just the ones with no sense of anatomy. Or, if they have one, they sacrifice it on the alter of tits, ass and the male gaze. As of this writing, the Catwoman #0 cover has recently been making the rounds with hilarious results. Want more awesome comic book commentary, but not just about art? Check out DC Women Kicking Ass.

2) The Art Of Animation, not surprisingly, features art. And, boy, howdy, what beautiful art. It’s the sort of stuff that grabs your eyeballs, won’t let go, and also the kind of thing that, for me anyways, sparks the story centers in my brain. Tumblr, more than any other blogging or social media platform, is very, very good at featuring visual media. Check out tags like #art, #photography, and #comics. Or really, any tag at all. Rabbit hole central!

3) Write One Leaf leverages Tumblr’s graphical suaveness and creates a daily prompt blog. While there isn’t always a picture included, you’ll be hard pressed not to have a place to start if you need a kick in the old writer pants. Unless you just aren’t trying. In the same vein, check out YEAH WRITE!, a blend of all sorts of writing bits, and to cap it off, a little Slush Pile Hell.

And of course, the fandoms. So many fandoms. O_O

I will, however, warn that if you spend a lot of time in various fandoms you are bound to come across porn. In fact, it’s a well-known truism that if you are surfing your Tumblr dash when there are people around, the porn will pop up at the worst possible time. But, if it makes you feel any better, it’s the fluffy bunny of porn, more erotica than anything. Still, you’ve been warned. XD

(Some of my favorite bits, of the non-porn variety, can be found over here.)

What, what you say? I’m procrastinating?

Possibly. Nevermind. SHHHH.

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