Week Three – A Day Early

  • Have hit a wall in the drafting of STAR DOOR, and thrown out a lifeline to the local writing group, hoping for some idea-bounce-around assistance.
  • To that end, I write up an obscenely long story-to-date summary, along with world-building I’ve done to date, and questions. And I realize it’s all still not enough.
  • Have gone through the first third of the BLOOD OF WOLVES revision and want to set it on fire. No, really. A lovely little fire that I can roast marshmallows over. Maybe make s’mores.

Cause honestly? This first third of the book? It makes no fucking sense. I am praying that the next two thirds sort of redeem themselves, but I ain’t putting any money down on that bet. What a slog this is going to be. I’ll decide after I read it all whether the damn thing is worth a rewrite or a just nice, quiet burial out back.


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