Two Weeks In. How Am I Doing?

I’ve been posting little weekly updates on my Tumblr, but figured I should post something here, away from the Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, nerd-spam-fest that my Tumblr blog  tends to be.

How’s it been? In the first two weeks:

  • I wrote 13,000 words on STAR DOOR’s first draft, at 45K total.
  • Edited about the same number of words in the second pass on BLOOD OF WOLVES, essentially the first two chapters, and sent it to second round beta.
  • Did a 60K beta read for a VP buddy.
Which is not bad starting out. I’ve tried to spend the mornings, as early as I can, getting right to the draft, and for the most part that works. Turning off the internet works even better. I saved the afternoons for critiquing, and once that was done, dithered like a goofball until Thursday of last week (ostensibly doing STAR DOOR research up until then) where I spent the whole of it and then Friday revising those chapters for BLOOD.

Those are the hard numbers. Squishy, less number-crunchy activities included:

  • Hit the computer, IE butt-in-chair, every weekday, which is the goal. After skipping out on drafting the last Thurs/Fri, I made sure to draft this weekend as well so I’m about where I should be.
  • Getting back out to the local writing group meetings! Ah, the cheese, the beer, the writing! Missed those crazy guys.
  • Visited Science North, which currently has the BODY WORLDS Vital exhibit on display, showcasing the human body and its health in all stages.
  • Saw live jousting at the Sudbury Celtic Festival on one of the wettest, coldest days we’ve had since the snow melted. But worth it.
  • Finished A DANCE WITH DRAGONS. (Trust me, that was a big deal.) On to THE CITY AND THE CITY by China Mieville.
  • Started LOGICAL CHESS, a VP recommendation. Playing out the games is fun, but it has not helped my game at all beyond a few good first moves. The computer spanks me soundly every time I try a game.

The not-so-good-stuff? Dammit, I got sick. I’ll always suspect the treacherous meat-bag that my brain surrounds itself with, and didn’t the damn thing just wait until I was a few days into my experiment to stand up and shout with the voice of Gordon Ramsey, “SHUT IT DOWN.” And down I went. Days of misery passed, but I’m over the worst now.

Also received a rejection for THE BIG PICTURE, my little not-quite-fantasy-enough short story that I love but cannot find a home for. I’ve been toying with the idea of making every Friday the day I work on shorts, but haven’t yet put it into practice. I’m still trying to master changing gears between the two novels. I’m tinkering with the timelines for several of my summer goals, but I’ll talk about them when I have something more definite.

And while I haven’t gotten to this last bit yet, the plan is also to blog more. I’ve been lax lately for multiple reasons — mostly cause I am writing, which, yay! — but also it’s a confidence thing. I am not someone who has tons of advice to give on writing. Not even a little bit. There are general principles out there written and spoken of much more eloquently than I can at this stage. Seek them out. This blog is more confessional, more this is how I bled last week. So it’s natural that I worry about the blog becoming whiny or monotonous. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. And, let’s face it, when someone reads your stuff, any of your stuff, they have spent a very valuable coin that you had better not waste.

With that in mind, besides writing update posts, I’m going to make a point of sharing things that strike me vividly and hopefully might strike you, too. This might be gems from the web I come across or an entry about the local events I take part in, like the BODY WORLD exhibit or the Celtic Festival. All of which comes back to writing for me, sooner or later. Grist. Mill. Etcetera.

Welcome to Monday! Butt-in-chair, off I go.


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