Week Two

  • 3,500 words on the STAR DOOR draft, reaching 42K total. (Woot!)
  • Ordered and received research book for above WIP, called The Great Fairy Tale Tradition by Jack Zipes. (It says takes 1-2 weeks to order, ’cause I bought the last one in .ca land!)
  • Finally started the second round of edits on BLOOD OF WOLVES, which I have been dancing around, poorly, since the start of the month. First two chapters have been sent to second-round beta. I await in quiet panic for the results.
  • Got discouraged trying to market search for a short story of mine. It’s not fantasy enough, I know this. Trunking for now to focus on novels.
  • Finished A Dance With Dragons. Yeah. On to Mieville’s The City and The City.

So, a middling week. Plan is to catch up on my STAR DOOR word count today and this weekend. I want to be able to flip-flop between drafting and editing and see steady progress on both. But I have to remember that this is an experiment, too, a work in progress just as much as any of the novels are, so no beating myself up while I’m learning as I go, right?



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