The Experiment Begins

So, here we are. The contract is over. The experiment begins.

The next three months, June, July and August, are going to be go time. I have so many projects that I will be throwing myself into, I’m excited and terrified all at once. They are, in not-so-random-order:

  1. Second Round Edits on Blood of Wolves – a long time in coming, but coming now, dammit. Edits will be done, a fresh pair of eyeballs, and then queries out to agents and publishers.
  2. Completed First Draft on Star Door – this is the WIP that’s been keeping me busy for the last two months, and now will be kicked into high gear. It is, however, second banana. If work on this derails the edits, it will be mercilessly put on hiatus to get the former done in a timely manner. What’s timely for the edit? I’m hoping by end of June, no later.
  3. Continue to polish the short stories I have in various stages and get them in rotation on submissions. I’m considering making Friday my short story day.
  4. Power through my to-be-read pile, fiction and non-fiction alike. I’m not a slacker at reading, but I would like to clear the backlog (see previous posts) and be able to buy books that I want to read when they are being published. (To dream the impossible dream, I know.)

Beyond that, I want get to know my city a bit better. General Scrooginess has kiboshed the sightseeing trip to Toronto in favor of bolstering the bank account. I have committed to World Fantasy in November — membership is bought and room has been booked, so I will just have to wait to satisfy my wanderlust until then. It also struck me that I’ve never really checked out what’s available locally in more than an ad-hoc manner. We have music festivals and food fairs and art shows and dragon boat races and more, and because of other life circumstances I’ve never been able to see them. So this summer, I’m getting out there and seeing what this town has to offer before I worry about what’s down the highway.

I’m also going to take some of those savings and buy myself a Supporting Membership to Chicon, this year’s Worldcon. Worldcon in Montreal was so amazing, and I can’t wait to head back, but it is not in the cards this year. But Supporting Membership means I can help support the Con and get to vote in the Hugos. (Go, Jo Walton, go!)

And that’s the plan. The blog will likely see an uptick in posting, but I am thinking of using my fangirl-spasming Tumblr account for daily progress reports and accountability. But we’ll see. That’s the point, really: this is an experiment and as such I will be recording all. I’m hoping to learn from the process, and maybe that will be valuable to others, too.

Either way, I’ve got work to do.

And I’m so freakin’ excited about it!

5 thoughts on “The Experiment Begins

      1. Steph

        I gotta do something like that, else all my short fiction will end up floundering on the sidelines. I can’t tell you the number of times I suddenly think, “Oh yeah, I need to edit and send that OUT.” And then go back to my novels. *headdesk*

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