New Routines

Today marks the first day at the new job, but it also marks the first day at the new writing routine. Baring some computer glitches, I’m starting the day right: minimum word count goal on the current WIP, cup of tea, and my novel playlist on random.

However, I’m starting to wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this new WIP. I’m messing around with two different POV styles and I’ve found myself and the narrative going down the rabbit hole of fairy tale remix/commentary. This is so not my area, so there has been a lot of research and related readings. It means that while I have strong impressions and characters and situations, I don’t feel like I have the ground firm under me yet. This novel, more than my previous efforts, really requires that I think long and deeply about these subjects beforehand.

Of course, that might just be me being unnecessarily anxious about a new project. One of my other goals for this week is to go through progress journals for previous efforts to (hopefully) remind myself that all my novels start as nebulous, wishy-washy things that then resolve themselves into a complete arc when I’m through with it. (Especially with regards to endings, which I am always unclear on when I start.)

But right now I’m trying to focus on getting a good rhythm going. Those seeds, remember? For the next eight weeks I’m going to concentrate on output for the current WIP which, if I can keep pace of 1K a work day will give me half a novel draft. Short stories and novel edits for BLOOD OF WOLVES will be on the back-burner in the short term, but I will probably spend a chunk of time during the Easter weekend going through the novel critiques to plan my strategy post-contract.

(I can’t believe I have weekends. That’s such a foreign concept for me. The thought of it makes me giggle.)

In life news: not sure if it’s the lower thyroid dose, or if it’s just the relief of stress from the previous job, but I’m dreaming again. I know, you always dream, but I haven’t remembered by dreams for years now — not unless I was woken up suddenly in the midst of one. And my subconscious is firing again with respect to new writing ideas. Which, mixed blessing if they don’t connect to the WIP, but I’m taking notes. Always taking notes. Not that the writing well was dry before, but I was seeking, hunting. Now, I’m discovering, like the Universe is saying, “Oh, and by the way, take this.”

Will do.


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