In The Mood

Now that the #vacationwriting project is done, I’m clearing off my desk to get back to the real writing. And it was with not a small amount of melancholy that I realized that it’s time to take down the mood board.

Yeah, it’s sort of cheese-tastic. But it helped. Boy howdy, did it help. I had started using the Mood Board application on my iPad (you can see a few of those in the picture) but then I just wanted it on paper. And television-sized on my wall. It was weird. I didn’t look at it much while I was writing. I’d look up to it ever so often, but it was more the act of making the mood board. It really helped to fix the characters and the places in my mind.

Do the characters look like that? I guess, sort of. The places, too, are close, but not exact. Everything changes as you write it. But the act of making it helped.

So, it’s time for it to come down. All the clippings will get stored with the Blood of Wolves documents, drafts, research books while I wait for feedback from the writing group. Then final edits, and queries and synopses, and that next leap off the cliff.

Pins and needles. Yes, indeed.


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