Ridiculous. I Probably Shouldn’t.

Someone has bespelled my computer desk. The instant I sit down at it, Babs, my ‘lumpy’ washed-out orange tabby cat spreads herself like marmalade between me and the keyboard. Rather nefarious, if it wasn’t so cute. Damn magic.

Anyways, been a while. Hit my (second) self-imposed dealing for the #vacationwriting project. Thing clocks it at 29,500 words. Which is ridiculous, a word I keep using to describe the mad thing that it is. It’s a novella. I wrote a novella. And I’m stupidly pleased with it. I really can’t even express it properly and I probably shouldn’t. ‘Cause that’s the other phrase I’ve keep repeating in my mind: I probably shouldn’t.

But, damn, did I have fun. And it was supposed to be, being a vacation and all. Sure, other people put on tiny squares of synthetic clothing, drink fermented liquids and irradiate their skin under a massive ball of churning gas. Me? Apparently I write fan fiction. Good to know. (And a budget pleaser!)

I’m sending it out to the locals who are interested in the fandoms that the story is based in. If they like it, I’ll probably put it up somewhere. For kicks.

It means, though, that vacation time is over. The fandom story is out of my headspace, which means room for the next novel, code-named The Star Door, short story submissions I’ve been sitting on, and come March, revision work on Blood of Wolves based on critique group feedback.

Plans. I haz them.

An aside: a novella is a really nice length to write. You can do a lot more in a novella than you can in a short story. You have room to stretch. Yet it’s not so big that you can’t comfortably hold it all at once. I had one little cahier where I kept notes as I went, but I could sit down and review it all in my head without feeling like it was getting away from me. That might be a function of knowing the respective universes fairly well to begin with, but it might not. I’ll just have to write a real novella next, and find out. It was also the first time I accurately predicted how long something would end up being and how long it would take me to write. Which, cool.


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