The Next Novel

I guess it’s for reals now, as I am picking out Moleskines.

(Only in my head does that sound like a marriage proposal. But anyways…)

Tomorrow I’ll be heading out for a repeat viewing of Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game Of Shadows with a fellow writing group member but before I will be picking out a new Moleskine notebook. Not a hard-cover, but one of those slender soft-cover ones. I used one at random for an older, throw-away project and hadn’t considered using it for a novel until I’d gotten tired of the bulky, spiral bound notebook I’d decided on for Blood of Wolves. Portability is really key. So, new Moleskine, and then collating all my random notes into one place. And then, February, next novel.

As for Blood of Wolves, I’ve made some next-novel notes (if I’m lucky enough to see it come to that) and I am waiting on the Betas before tackling last story massaging and line edits. (See? There it is over there. Shiny. Incomplete, but shiny.)

Is it crazy to hope that I could start drafting queries and sending it out in the spring? Maybe. It may also be crazy to try tackling the final edits while drafting something new, but hey, I’m gonna try.  I want to start staggering the writing process, and since I’m beholden to no one, the only things that can be inconvenienced are the cats, who do a lot of inconveniencing themselves. The short stories will be the monthly side project: every month, one gets polished up, and then starts making the rounds. Besides that, the only thing left on my January writing to do’s is sending out a revised version of The Big Picture to the Tesseracts 16 anthology slush pile. The story might be a perfect fit for it, and thanks to Andy for the tip. Fingers crossed.

Oh, and the January vacation writing project has hit 8,500 words. Mua-ha-ha.

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