Vacations and Mushy Trackpads

I am bunking off for the month of January!

Only in the sense of not having a big old novel hanging over my head. Doesn’t mean there will be no writing. Just … I’m going to be stress-free about it. I have some fiddly bits I want to organize — there is a Canadian anthology that I think might be a great fit for one of the two stories I workshopped at Viable Paradise, for starters. Get the revised novel draft out to my Beta Readers. Nail down the plans for the next three months. A 2011 Did Not Suck blog post brewing.

(And I’m writing a little fan fiction. SHHH. Don’t tell. I’m having way too much fun with it and sending it in pieces to the writing group. It’s my January fun-project. Going to focus on dialogue, plot and description.)

And schedule emergency surgery on my Macbook. Poor thing has been oddly twitchy as of late. The curser was starting to jump randomly in bodies of text, making for interesting input errors, but in the last three days they stopped being so random. Upside is that I’m confident I am not imagining it or that I am having invisible fingers typing and selecting text while I am unawares. Downside is that it will involve opening her up and trusting her to a friend to figure out and repair the issue. The last three days especially — using my laptop has become very difficult. Makes me sad. I’ve written so much on this laptop! It can’t die yet! (And I’m too cheap to want to buy a new computer, as dead sexy as the Mac Airs might be.)

Little Macbook, I am replacing my iPhone, not you! I love you. Be good, little Macbook! Be good!

I might have to turn off the trackpad and get really familiar with the keyboard shortcuts. Really familiar.


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