The Final WIP Countdown

December 27th 

@ 8:19 am I’ve just posted to the blog. I have iPad Today running on the Apple TV. My coffee is beside me and it’s time to get working. These next two scenes are among the largest of the novel. They cover some of the most important action in the novel and offer some of the biggest emotional punch. The length of these scenes has been a sore spot for me. They are two to three times as long as any of the other scenes, and it upsets my sense of symmetry. But it may be a spurious concern.

@ 11:56 am Breaking for now, some 2,400 words under my belt. As for that big scene I was worried about? Chopped into three pieces, not two, and now have to rewrite from two separate viewpoints. (Next novel? NOT SO MANY POVs. Sheesh.)

@ 7:14 pm End total for today is only 3,300 words. I took a longer break than I’d hoped thanks to a mad attempt to buy a bus pass (failed, as they were closed), returning library books (also closed, but the drop-off flap prevailed) and then an interlude with Assassin’s Creed 2 (foiled as all the menus have defaulted to Dutch, making it closed to me). Clearly, the universe was taking me to task for not keeping my arse in the chair. Still, not bad.

December 28th

@11:30 am About 1,400 words into the edits this morning, after coming to it very late. Why, no, Assassin’s Creed 2, whose language issue has been resolved, had nothing to with the delay. Nothing at all. Nope.

@1:26 pm Finished that big scene, and now onto the third part that I had ripped out. Stripped away all the action, attribution and kept the dialogue. Now trying to rewrite the scene from the other character’s POV. This is trickier.

December 29th

@5:38 pm Okay, so there was an EMBARRASSING amount of Assassin’s Creed 2 played after that last update. Let us not speak of it. Now, the new goal is to see if I can get all this work done by the end of the 30th, so I can join some locals in a New Year’s viewing of Sherlock Holmes 2 at the theatre before some imbibing. We shall see.

Bonus round: If I get this done, I am given myself permission to buy Sherlock, Season 1, on BluRay.

@7:02 pm Ass in chair has worked. Two scenes are done, one that POV rewrite. All in all 2,800 words. I have … oh lesse … 5,900 words. I’m not sure if they are all keepers, though. That’s spread over 8 scenes, only two of which has any real wordage to it. I’m betting I can cut some of them out altogether.

December 30th

@6:54 pm Well. Grocery shopping really cut into tonight’s writing time, but I have a solid three hours. Looks like I will be taking the laptop with me to the New Year’s Eve bash at a friends tomorrow — good thing the friends are 85% writers, and as such have promised to cheer me on. I have awesome friends. :3 Onward! I have 5,900 words to go. Plus a new ending.

@8:08 pm *rewrite rewrite rewrite* *cut cut cut* *lather, rinse, repeat* 4,100 words left to go.

@9:53 pm I have 2,100 words to go. All in all, really pleased. This self-imposed deadline is actually working for a change. I’ll be bringing my laptop with me, though. But I think I can do it.

December 31st

@5:22 pm I am MAD. Clearly, that is the only explanation. But I only have 1,300 words to go. Came right home, started cleaning up the text, and soon I am heading out to watch Sherlock Holmes 2 with my writing buds. Then back to their place where I will finish this first revision, giving me Blood of Wolves 2.0! I’ve already gotten 800 under my belt.  And now I have a sucky cat pinning my arm. *sigh*

@5:58 pm So close! Only a 600 word scene to tidy (and possibly expand) and then a final epilogue. And then I’m done! I can do this! I have to get ready for the movie, so it’s time to pack up the laptop and the cords and my notes. Phone is also charged, so if I have to tether for lack of wifi, I’m good. But my peeps are nerd peeps. I am sure there is wifi.

Yanno, let’s bring the USB just in case.

@10:11 pm Okay, Sherlock Holmes 2 was AWESOME. And I have less than two hours to get this done. Let’s do this! And I have wifi. WIN!

@10:44 pm My ‘friends’ are giving me a shot Crystal Skull Vodka. Re-evaluating friendship. (KIDDING.) I believe the increase in capital letters is directly attributed to swishy drunkeness setting in. Must write faster.

@11:03 pm Finished the scene, now writing the end/epilogue.

@11:19 pm Done. 124,000 words. First editing pass complete. I am off to get drunk now. There may be exuberant shouting. And alcohol.



7 thoughts on “The Final WIP Countdown

      1. Steph

        No worries! And thanks. 🙂

        I didn’t think anyone would find it interesting besides myself, but I wanted some sort of day-by-day accountability without being post-spammy. I did really get into it though — might have to do the play-by-play more often.

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