Home Stretch on the WIP

I’ve survived the holidays! Sure, there is technically one more coming around the bend, but New Years always felt more like a holiday like Valentine’s Day or Halloween — cool, but essentially just a party, without the emotional, familial and commercial gordian knot that has taken over Christmas and its kin.

Anyways, survived! But surviving the holidays means some pretty stark life-slacking to balance out the seasonal expectations, especially since I worked the the whole damn time and had no vacation days. (Now, that’s a website I would like to see: Life-Slacking. Things that everyone tells you you’re supposed to do, but do you really need to and how can you get out of doing it? Anyways…)

That’s mostly meant that the WIP has been left alone for nearly a week. I really wanted to put this to bed before the new year, and now there’s a week left in this calendar year. And who doesn’t love a shapely, round culturally significant number? This gal does.

So here’s the deal: I have about 16,000 words left of this first editing pass (editing for character, story, and grotesque narrative lumps). And I have about five days left, two of which are my normal days off. THIS IS DOABLE.

And I’m going to track my progress. Instead of inundating the blog with daily updates, I will Twitter bits here and there, but mostly I will be adding updates to a single blog entry that I will schedule to post on midnight of the 31st. I’ll pop in and add to it daily (or more) and then whatever is there in the entry will post when the ball drops.

I really, really want to post I’M DONE. This was my major goal for 2011, that I would have a first-pass revision done on Blood of Wolves. I don’t want to see the end of the year come and go without that milestone being reached.

Today and tomorrow, my normal two days off, are where the bulk of the work will get done. There will be significant life-slacking happening while I push through. I want to be able to lift my head on January 1st and look at some of my other projects — namely the short fiction I have set aside while I slog through this WIP and the first exploratory work on the next novel. I’m also going to be launching my own self-guided writing plan, which I will post about come the new year.

Not that Blood of Wolves will be finished. Sadly, no. But the story will be (should be) whole. When I got back to it (hoping for February) that’s when I will be digging into the line edits and final tweaks. Once spring hits, I would like to start querying. (This may be a mad-woman’s hope. We’ll see.)

(And I am in love my parenthesis. This, too, shall pass. One hopes!)

Coffee is brewed. Time to get to it!


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